AGMF – Sons Of Korah

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode.

We interrupt our regular viewing to show you an event rather than a place. AGMF – the Australian Gospel Music Festival is an annual event, running in Toowoomba each Easter. It begins in about 2 weeks which is why we’ve taken this opportunity to show a few virtual tours from last year.

The Sons of Korah are playing in this virtual tour. Check out the High Definition version (linked above) to hear the audio as well. These guys play the golden oldies. No not your parents music, the 3000yr old Psalms of the bible. Beautiful music. (Excuse the poor audio, it’s recorded live when I’m shooting, then massively compressed for web delivery)



Aaron Spence says:

Thanks Fiero,
I couldn’t do it without your brilliant DevalVR plugin…well I could, but the viewing experience wouldn’t be as great :)

For anyone on Windows who isn’t using DevalVr to view the fullscreen virtual tours, click on the download link (upper right on this screen) and get it now only 250kb. You’ll be very glad you did.

Thanks, Aaron.

Aaron Spence says:

G’day Andrei,

Having a spot to put the tripod certainly makes life so much easier :) I’m sure the people I was blocking (including the lovely girls) weren’t so happy about my presence.

I do recall shooting stills at ‘Cornerstone’ a huge music festival in the US many years ago. There had been a heap of rain, and the massive tent was filled with water, almost knee high in places. So with a water mosh pit in full swing I waded in for my shots. It was a worry :)

Thanks, Aaron.

Nice! Ideal conditions for concert events panos… 😉
I know I had a heck of a time, trying to shoot handheld panos at rock and trance concerts… But I survived! 😀
Now… about yours, I think I’m more interested in those 3 girls sitting in the left of the scene… 😉