SS Maheno (wreck)

Love this Panedia picture taken by Aaron Spence.

It is from Maheno wreck in Fraser Island. Apparently a popular tourist attraction but also a symbol of this area shallow waters.

SS Maheno was an ocean liner from a New Zealand company that frequently crossed between Australia and New Zealand from 1905 to 1935. During World War I was used as a hospital ship carrying casualties from the Gallipoli campaign and other battles to, after the war, resume its regular commercial service.

On the 7th July 1935, SS Maheno was hit by a severe cyclone while being towed by another ship. The towline connecting both ships parted and Maheno drifted to anchor on Fraser Island. Most of the crew manage swim onshore but eight men were never found. All attempts to re-float the ship failed and a wreck sale never found any buyers, so here it lays on its final purpose as tourism attraction.

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