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Buy a Star

In late 2015, we did this project for The ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park Sydney. RSL requested a Gigapixel from the Memorial’s Great Dome of Stars, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the First World War. In this part of the Memorial, we can find a domed ceiling covered in tiny golden stars. The ceiling of the Hall of Memory is 26 metres high. It is covered with 120,000 stars. The stars are a symbolic representation of the men and women from New South Wales who embarked for overseas service during the Great War: ‘this Golden Galaxy symbolises all those men and women from New South Wales who served in the war – one star for every man or woman who heard the call – a constellation of honour and memory totalling 120,000. These stars, placed high above the eye of the spectator and lighted by the amber glass of the great windows, makes of the interior of the Hall a place of sacred memories.‘ This project is part of a public fundraising campaign which replicated an original campaign that allowed the building finalization, back in 1934. The idea is to sell the Stars in a 360° photograph of the dome. Purchasers are able to tag their star and leave a message in memory of a veteran in this online Constellation of Honour and Memory. 81 years later, the funds raised will be used to new interpretive and education programs, heritage conservation and exhibition content, so that the Memorial is able to continue to play its vital role in telling the stories and sharing the history of NSW’s involvement in military operations. Panedia did this project in a record time, shooting the complete gigapixel 9 meters high on top of a Nodal Ninja carbon fiber pole and using a Seitz Roundshot VR Drive in less than 2 hours from setup to packing up. We had only a couple hours to do this shoot before the ANZAC Memorial was open to the public with no room for errors, we could only do a single quick test before the full gigapixel HDR shoot, that meant getting it right the first time…and we did. ANZAC Memorial

Qantas Safety Conference

Panedia was today at the Qantas Safety Conference showcasing its latest work and technology. All the participants valued our work and we were very happy with the feedback received. Panedia Facebook

2016 Showreel

Over the past year we’ve worked with amazing clients to produce wonderful VR experiences. Please enjoy this small selection of commercial 360video projects. Panedia Showreel  

Typhoon Toppled Coral

This is the “Big Mushroom” coral off the Taiwanese coast. It was considered one of the worlds most iconic dive sites. Despite surviving being struck twice by submarines this 1000 year old life form was finally toppled by Typhoon Meranti recently. You can still experience this 12 metre high coral structure in all its glory thanks to this virtual dive we published in June. These images are a result of a collaboration between Panedia, Google, The Ocean Agency and the XL Catlin Seaview Survey. Although I don’t do the Photography I always enjoy working on these beautiful images.

Monaco 360 Première

While the full project is not yet released, Panedia was showing Monaco 360 Première on the Gear VR. Sorry we can’t show any footage, still have to wait for full project release. It was an amazing Première of the Monaco 360 film in Melbourne. Feedback was extremely positive and everyone was in awe after experiencing Monaco 360. We came off it with a feeling of mission accomplished and grateful that we had such an opportunity to bring Monaco to Melbourne. Kudos to a great #Panedia / #Seaview360 team with Pierre Frolla, Aaron Spence, Christophe Bailhache, Sophie Ansel and James Siebert.

How Did We Do?

As an important client, we value your thoughts and would like to know how you felt about working with us. Please don’t be concerned about hurting our feelings, we really want to know where you’ve been delighted or unimpressed with our service. Let us know here. From the team at Panedia, we thank you. Panedia listens to you  

Raja Ampat

These are the waters around the Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia. This area has the highest density of marine life in the world. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest coral reef system but it is relatively young compared to this one. The diversity of life here is helped by being uniquely placed between the Indian and Pacific oceans and three continental plates. These images are a result of a collaboration between Panedia, Google, The Ocean Agency and the XL Catlin Seaview Survey. This project takes up most of my working week, although I don’t do the Photography, I have a lot of fun working on these beautiful images in Photoshop.

P&O Aria 360 Video

Our latest 360 Video Project was launched on Facebook. This is another project on a series we’ve been producing for a cruise ships client. Working on a tight schedule and trying to keep filming impact on customers to a minimum made it a bit difficult, still it was a lot of fun to produce. Filmed by Carlos Chegado and Aaron Spence with the help of Sandra Mexa and Michelle Spence P&O Cruises Australia  

Compassion Australia VR Project sneak peak

An amazing VR project we produced with the wonderful Kym Basoka at Compassion Australia is packaged up by Kym and her team, and heading out to their field offices. The 7 minute story, set in Thailand isn’t available publicly yet, we can’t wait to show it to you, but you’ll have to wait I’m sorry.

Embedded Panedia Players

Try our new embedded Panedia players. This example will embed a single panorama onto your web page. Step 1: Include this JavaScript on your page once, ideally right after the opening tag. <script>/* Panedia Player – Required once per page*/ (function(d, s, id) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if (d.getElementById(id)) return;js = d.createElement(s); = id;js.src = “//″; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘panedia-js’));</script> Step 2: Place this code wherever you want the plugin to appear on your page. <div class=”panedia” data-href=”” data-width=”800px” data-height=”400px”>&lt/div> This is the embedded panorama:-

1/4 Billion views on Google Maps

Last week we received a rather nice email from our friends at Google. Something about 1/4 of a Billion views of our content on Google Maps. Google Maps Panedia  

Panedia features in Gold Coast Bulletin

A article about our participation on the Google Street View Oceans Project. A nice article about our work but written with some imprecision. For those who want a bit more information, here some highlights: – In 2012 Panedia started a partnership with Catlin Seaview Survey project, working on a technical solution to capture high quality underwater 360 images. SVI was the first equipment designed able of capturing a high volume of data. Panedia had on the previous years developed systems able to deal with processing large amounts of data rapidly. Part of this content was added to Google Underwater Street View, now Google Oceans. – In 2013 SVII (a new version of the underwater capturing system) was developed and the GRR (Global Reef Record) was launched. – In 2014 Panedia started adding a small part of its vast content to Google Maps and registered record views, having reached 240+ Million views on its own content. If we add Panedia client’s content that we produced, like Sydney Opera House, Catlin Seaview Survey or Tourism Queensland, that number is about 440+ million. This project is ongoing and Panedia is proud to be collaborating now for 4 years with The Ocean Agency and Google on this huge task to survey the ocean, creating awareness for major climate issues like reef coral bleaching, ocean pollution and the need for reefs preservation. Panedia is also proud of its long path in the VR industry, having celebrated this year the 10th anniversary of the first panorama produced in Panedia systems. With a team that combines in between our 3 senior people more than 40 years experience, Panedia is one of the most experienced VR companies on the planet: we have been producing amazing VR content since the 90’s, that’s over 16 years.  

Golden Princess 360 Video

Welcome aboard Princess Cruises’ Golden Princess! Another VR project for Cruiseabout. Take the tour of the ship with our Virtual Reality experience by clicking and moving directions with your mouse on desktop, or swipe with your finger on mobile to get the full 360 degree view. Cruiseabout  

Step onboard your cruise ship before you step onboard

It is always exciting when we see our work featuring the news… Our clients at Cruiseabout are making a good use of Virtual Reality, expanding its use both in Marketing and customer sales. Its all good use for the technology and a push to make reach the final consumer. Cruise Advise

RSL 336 – Hope Island and Caloundra

We just shoot two amazing homes for RSL. The RSL prize includes two coastal homes, each located in iconic Queensland beach destinations. A waterfront home, nestled in tranquil Hope Island, this spacious home provides the perfect place to enjoy waterfront living with its luxury in-ground swimming pool, expansive waterside deck and private 8m pontoon. Add to that an exclusive Caloundra beach apartment perfectly positioned between Bulcock Beach and Caloundra’s shopping precinct. From your private balcony you can take in the spectacular views all the way from Pumicestone Passage to the Glass House Mountains.  

Mater Prize Home 265 Biggera Waters

This prestigious family sized home is located in the tranquil Northern Gold Coast suburb of Biggera Waters, just minutes from popular shopping complex Harbour Town, Harbourside Markets, and the idyllic Paradise Point Parklands and Marina. Mater Prize Home

Play VR App

Today we’re launching the beta of our Samsung GearVR app, Play VR. It’s an app we’ve developed specifically for VR demos at shows and for clients, while it also has ‘advanced’ features for viewing our own content. (or yours) We’ve done over 1,000 VR demo’s and have been frustrated at the limitations of the Oculus 360video player, and how slow it is to access content via the Oculus store. (3-4 clicks before you get to the content.) Play VR has various modes you can set depending on requirements: 1. LOOP MODE: Swipe up and select LOOP MODE. Then select the video to loop. Now the same video will play endlessly, while the touchpad controls are disabled. Clients will no longer change video/pause or otherwise mess up the demo when putting on the GearVR. To restart the video any time, just click the ‘back’ button. 2. DEMO MODE: Like Loop mode, it disables controls, but only while the video is playing. When the video finishes the user can select another video. 3. ADVANCED MODE (Default): Here we’ve added amazing tools no one has ever conceived like… Fast Forward, Rewind. (All Patented of course wink emoticon) Swipe forward to Fast Forward, Swipe back to rewind. Swipe up to bring up a menu when playing a video. Access chapter points and view description, author etc. We’ve built this app specifically for our own needs as Professional VR producers, if you find it useful too, all the better. We don’t have the app on the Oculus Store yet, so we need to add your Phone ID to the Beta app in order for it to work on your phone. This also allows you to launch the app directly from your phone, which is much quicker than going through the Oculus store. We’ve set up a method for getting your ID to us on our website, and we’ll update the app every day or 2 and let you know it’s ready for you to use. So have at it, and let us know what you think.

RSL 335 – Sydney, Melbourne and Noosa

Imagine living the investor’s dream and owning 3 luxury beach apartments, each located in iconic Australian destinations. Iconic Bondi Beach views in a Sydney apartment, Vibrant St Kilda foreshore views in Melbourne and a stylish penthouse apartment in the picturesque Noosa river and ocean views.  

200 M views on Google Maps

Two years after start using the Google Maps system for publishing VR content, we have reached 200 million views on our 360 degree panoramas. It is amazing to have reached this milestone, mainly because we jumped 100 million in a short 6 months time. More importantly, we are celebrating the joy and enthusiasm of having our high quality VR content available for people to experience a wide variety of places and virtually visit locations that most would not be able to do otherwise. At the same time, we count over 10 years of publishing our first panorama on the Panedia VR Production system and over 15 years of producing actual VR content. Right in the middle of the exciting ‘reaching the consumer market’ boom that VR is going through, we get ready for many more years of new projects, technology developments and hopefully, much more views on Google Maps.

RSL 334 – Kirra Beach

A luxury beachside lifestyle awaits the winner of this magnificent home. Sunrises will never be the same as you wake to uninterrupted ocean views from your huge private balcony. Located just steps from one of Queensland’s most loved surf spots, Kirra Beach, this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, home will take your breath away from the moment you step through the front door.  

Spicers Peak Lodge Virtual Tour

This was a project that we shoot last year. This is an amazing luxury mountain retreat stunningly situated on a mountaintop in Queensland’s Scenic Rim. Spicers Peak Lodge is as far from the pressure of everyday life as it’s possible to be. Let your cares melt away in our elegant suites and private lodges, enjoy an award-winning gourmet experience, unwind in Spa Anise or choose from a host of invigorating outdoor activities. Here, in Australia’s highest non-alpine lodge, relaxation and revitalisation come naturally. Spicers Retreats

Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas 360 Video

Welcome aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Voyager of the Seas. Take the full tour of the ship with our Virtual Reality experience that we have produced with Cruiseabout. The short 360 video version here A nice headline on the technology and our work Cruiseabout  

Coral Bleaching Images at National Geographic

The Australian government has rose the emergency response level and warns that bleaching may be linked to climate change. Panedia has been working with XL Catlin Seaview Survey and University of Queensland in closely monitoring the global coral reefs and comparing VR images taken before and after the bleaching phenomenon. The differences are visible and our imagery shows up in this National Geographic article. National Geographic  

10 Years Of VR

10 years ago the first iPhone was more than a year away. Google Street View had well over a year until launch. Facebook wouldn’t become open for another 6 months. Palmer Luckey the founder of Oculus was 13 years old and VR as a head mounted modern technology was almost a decade from realisation. But 10 years ago, specifically at 5:22pm on March 8th 2006 a very important thing was happening at Panedia. It’s the day I shot the very first panorama (above) in what was to become our Panorama Production System. It’s around the time Michelle (my wife) and I decided to risk everything we had on VR and it’s close to the day Panedia was registered as a company. So it’s the day we celebrate 10 amazing years of Panedia. 10 years ago I was starting on a new journey. Sure I had been shooting panoramas for 6+ years at the time, but not as my only source of income. From that day onwards I was dedicated only to VR. Not only dedicated but prepared to spend every dollar I had and more, building a company and system to produce VR better and faster than ever before, and importantly with GPS data for online mapping. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars and years later, we have what I regard as the best professional panorama system there is. With our systems we have become the number one contributor to Google Maps worldwide. In fact just today we received an email from Google congratulating us on 175 million views of our VR content on Google Maps. From our systems we have developed Google Underwater Streetview, producing more underwater VR content than has ever existed before, enabling hundreds of millions of people to take virtual dives in our precious oceans. In addition to the content we produce, we’ve also built multiple VR CMS’s for ourselves and clients like the University of Queensland and Underwater Earth. Starting with little old me, a Nikon D200 + 10.5mm fisheye, a 360Precision panorama head, a lot of great ideas and even more grit we’ve managed to build one of the world’s foremost VR companies. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have very talented people join Panedia over the years, enabling us to consistency produce a quality and quantity of content that few can match. In recent years we’ve also been producing Virtual Reality experiences using 360video that are universally praised by people who know VR. I could go on for many pages singing the praises of our wonderful Panedia people, while telling stories of the amazing clients we’ve worked with, but I’ll stop now, and say to all who’ve been involved in our story in any way, thank you. Really, if you’re reading this, and we’ve ever met, talked on the phone, skyped, emailed or facebooked thank you for being part of our life. So much has happened at Panedia in the past decade, it’s been an exciting, crazy, wild and satisfying ride. As we start […]

Carnival Spirit 360° Virtual Cruising

One of the last projects we’ve been doing for Carnival. A lot hard work on it but also lots of fun to do. We will be shooting a few more ships soon. The short 360 video version here A nice headline on the technology and our work Cruiseabout  

Horseshoe Bend , Arizona

A few years ago while we were in the US we drove around the West country, through Nevada, Arizona and Utah regions. Amazing landscape all around. The area were this panorama was shot, just between Utah and Arizona is specially rich in natural beauty. Horseshoe Bend is right half way between Marble Canyon and Antelope Island, following Colorado river. In this particular spot the river ‘bends’ 180 degrees craving and shaping the landscape. This is normally a very popular location but on that day strong winds were blowing and, perhaps for that reason, no one was around. We had to walk about 30 minutes and it was certainly worthwhile. The weather was not perfect and not the best time of the day to shoot, but the view was astonishing. Up there we could understand the magnitude of that place and nature’s thin equilibrium. The strong winds quickly became a sand storm and although from the image you could not tell, it was increasingly difficult just to be there. We did the way back to the car with sand blowing at us and getting into everywhere. In the end it was definitely rewarding to be able to see Colorado river and US West territory from that perspective. Enjoy the interactive image >>

Mater Prize Home 263 Noosa

Tucked away in the beach-side haven of Noosa Heads, this dream luxury home and lifestyle package is part of Mater Prize Home lottery. Mater Prize Home

RSL 333 – Harbourside Sydney

Make the most of your huge rooftop al fresco entertaining area to enjoy spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline. Just imagine watching Sydney’s famous New Year’s Eve celebrations from your private deck.  

Lisbon – Rossio Square

Rossio Square, in Lisbon, is one of Portugal most visited and popular squares. Since 13th century it became place where the population would gather, when the city grew and the need to stay inside defense walls decreased. From that time it was commonly used for public ceremonies, markets, or just as a congregation place. In 1755, after a strong earthquake and tsunami this place was destroyed along with most downtown. In the following years a large city reconstruction plan was carefully undertaken and the square was rebuilt in a more organized and linear shape, that was fairly kept until today. This magnificent square with its traditional Portuguese mosaic pavement, still keeps the same use from 700 years ago. It has been the place of executions, celebrations, revolts, promenade or tourism and even the Portuguese Revolution but, it is mainly as ‘Rossio’ word states, a public common ground for people to meet. Enjoy the interactive image >>

Need for Speed 360° Video

Last month our crew was in Sydney filming the Need for Speed Zen Garage car in 360° video. EA is launching the new Need for Speed game and with help of the community created a customized car. This immersive 360 degree video is part of their Official Launch Trailer Campaign. EA Games Australia & New Zealand  

Global Coral Bleaching – 2015/2016

The US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting another strong El Niño and has now announced the third global bleaching event. This a new phenomenon is caused by ocean warming – corals are unable to cope with today’s prolonged peaks in temperatures. They simply haven’t been able to adapt to the higher base temperatures of the ocean. Although reefs represent less than 0.1 percent of the world’s ocean floor, they help support approximately 25 percent of all marine species. Panedia has been partnering with XL Catlin Seaview Survey for several years producing a wide imagery of the oceans worldwide and is now able to compare before and after images on several locations. The change is quite impressive and frightening.  

RSL 332 – Helensvale

Get the ultimate lifestyle with spectacular waterfront views in this amazing family home at Helensvale in the Gold Coast. Enjoy the al fresco area, complete with your own 12m sparkling pool, barbeque and 8m pontoon with deep water access.  

RSL 331 – Palm Beach

Enjoy three levels of breathtaking ocean views in this beautiful beachfront home perfectly located on the Gold Coast’s Palm Beach. Step onto the beach from your own backyard.  

100 Million Panorama Views on Google Maps

One and a half years ago we published our first virtual tour on Google Maps. It was a gorgeous sunrise walk around the base of Uluru (Ayers Rock), one of Australia’s most important landmarks. Given 99.999% of the world’s people will never visit Uluru we’ve enjoyed providing this content on our websites for years. But our websites don’t have the reach of Google, with 1 billion monthly visitors to Google Maps. So it was with much pleasure we published this group of panoramas on Google Maps to enable people from all over the globe to experience Uluru. Over the following months we published many other Virtual Tours from around the world that we’d had the privilege to photograph. From New York City to London, Paris, Tokyo, Nepal, Lisbon, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other wonderful places. We are so very pleased that people have responded overwhelmingly to the content we’ve produced, this is reflected in the number of panorama views we’ve had: 100 Million Google Maps Views. To us it is extremely rewarding to see those numbers, while we continue to love ‘the magic’ in this technology that allows people thousands of kilometres away to be able to enjoy a specific place or event as much as we enjoyed capturing it. After more than 15 years producing 360 – VR content I never grow tired of it, and don’t believe I ever will. Panedia on Google Maps

ENDOALPHA 360/VR Video – St. Andrew’s Toowoomba

The extended seven minute cut of a 360/Virtual Reality video we shot at our latest ENDOALPHA 3D Operating Room Masterpiece installation at St. Andrew’s Towowoomba (QLD). To experience in 360 please use: Desktop – Latest Chrome, Firefox, Opera or IE 11 browser. Mobile – Youtube App for Android or iOS. For the optimum experience, please view this video with a Virtual Reality head set. Panedia YouTube Channel  

Panoramas has inspiration for painters

Interesting article in this artist’s blog where it suggests to use VR content has inspiration for painters. Several Panedia VR images are showed has example. ‘Now you don’t need to go on a plane to travel and see the world’ says the Spanish painter in her blog. Pinturayartistas

Clarendon – Bronte 28

The Bronte 28 is a contemporary design with dimensions tailored to suit the smaller building lot. The Bronte 28 is on display at Jordan Springs.  

Fraser Island Beach Houses

Fraser Island Beach Houses are unique: individual studio, 2 and 3 bedroom houses situated on stunning beach frontage property amongst 1.3 hectares of bushland and wildlife on Queensland’s breathtaking Fraser Island. Conveniently located close to popular Island attractions, these fully self contained houses offer the ultimate in luxury accommodation for singles, couples, families and groups of up to 6 people.  

Clarendon – Killara 26

The Killara 26 model home offers 4 bedrooms and 3 living zone, including a alfresco area, all with the usual amazing design and quality from Clarendon.  

Great Barrier Reef – 360 Videos

Underwater, you never know what’s around the corner… Although they often hunt in groups, solitary dolphins can also be seen hunting. This bottlenose dolphin let us be a witness of this rare moment captured in full 360°. Project made for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Seaview 360. For the highest quality select your settings to 1440s HD. Panedia YouTube Channel  

Sydney Opera House: Lighting the Sails – Living Mural 360 Degree Video

This year, Vivid LIVE has commissioned multi-disciplinary design collective Universal Everything to create a new projected artwork for the sails of Sydney Opera House. Titled ‘Living Mural,’ this work combines Universal Everything’s passion for architecture, graphics, moving image and sound. This commission to light the Sails of Sydney Opera House epitomises the spirit of our studio – inventing new forms of moving image for emerging display technologies. Our long term passions of architecture, graphics, moving image and sound converge on this iconic building. Under that spirit we worked with Sydney Opera House with the aim to capture a bit of that amazing light, graphics and sound show in a 360 degree video. The seventh annual Vivid LIVE is part of Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas. Desktop viewers: Watch via the latest version of Google Chrome. For the best experience, select 1440p (HD) or 2160p (4K) from the Quality settings menu. Simply hover your mouse over the video, click and drag in any direction to get the 360˚ experience. Mobile viewers: For Android and iOS users, please ensure you have the latest version of the YouTube App installed. Experience this 360° interactive video by moving your phone around you. Panedia YouTube Channel  

Anzac Memorial Sydney

The Anzac Memorial was created by the people of New South Wales as a place to remember the impact of the Great War (1914 – 1918). Although the Memorial did not open until 1934 the need for the Memorial was recognised as soon as the casualty figures from the 1915 Gallipoli campaign became public knowledge. Planning for a Memorial of some kind began with the establishment of a fund on the first anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in 1916. As Australia marks the 100th anniversary of the Great War, the Anzac Memorial Centenary Project will see the new water feature and education and interpretation facilities added beneath the Memorial. As part of that project is the online tour that we have produced.  

Flight Facilities: Heart Attack – LIVE 360 Degree Video

Samsung, Sydney Opera House and Future Classic have partnered to create a unique and exciting virtual reality experience of one the crowd favourite performances from the sold out FCX concert during Vivid LIVE, as part of Vivid Sydney. This 360˚ experience puts the viewer in the front row for Flight Facilities performance of Heart Attack featuring Owl Eyes and Julian Hamilton. For the best experience, select 1440p (HD) or 2160p (4K) from the Quality settings menu. Simply hover your mouse over the video, click and drag in any direction to get the 360˚ experience. For desktop users, watch via the latest version of Google Chrome. For Android and iOS users, please ensure you have the latest version of the YouTube App installed. If you don’t have access to Google Chrome or the YouTube App, the content will appear in flattened mode. Experience this 360° interactive video by moving your phone around you. The full experience is only available at Sydney Opera House special events with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Gear VR Headset. Panedia YouTube Channel  

Darwin Convention Centre

Located on the spectacular Darwin Harbour, the world class Darwin Convention Centre is an iconic landmark in the tropical harbour city of the Northern Territory. Set within the lush tropical setting of the Darwin Waterfront Precint, the Darwin Convention Centre is a stunning destination for local, national and international delegates to experience your convention or event.

Interview with Aaron Spence. A short glance at Panedia and its work. Panedia

Clarendon – Sheridan 36

Clarendon’s new design on amazingly designed homes with 4 separate living zones, 5 bedrooms, plus a study/guest bedroom.  

Mater Prize Home 262 Bribie Island

A truly spectacular waterfront lifestyle spacious family home with ample outdoor living areas and your own pontoon with a Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Sport Cruiser. Just minutes from Banksia and Woorim beaches in Bribie Island. Mater Prize Home

RSL 330 – Palm Beach

Win ALL three apartments worth $2 million, in inner-city Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  

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