Lisbon – Rossio Square

Rossio Square, in Lisbon, is one of Portugal most visited and popular squares. Since 13th century it became place where the population would gather, when the city grew and the need to stay inside defense walls decreased. From that time it was commonly used for public ceremonies, markets, or just as a congregation place.
In 1755, after a strong earthquake and tsunami this place was destroyed along with most downtown. In the following years a large city reconstruction plan was carefully undertaken and the square was rebuilt in a more organized and linear shape, that was fairly kept until today.

This magnificent square with its traditional Portuguese mosaic pavement, still keeps the same use from 700 years ago. It has been the place of executions, celebrations, revolts, promenade or tourism and even the Portuguese Revolution but, it is mainly as ‘Rossio’ word states, a public common ground for people to meet.

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