Horseshoe Bend , Arizona

A few years ago while we were in the US we drove around the West country, through Nevada, Arizona and Utah regions. Amazing landscape all around. The area were this panorama was shot, just between Utah and Arizona is specially rich in natural beauty. Horseshoe Bend is right half way between Marble Canyon and Antelope Island, following Colorado river. In this particular spot the river ‘bends’ 180 degrees craving and shaping the landscape.

This is normally a very popular location but on that day strong winds were blowing and, perhaps for that reason, no one was around. We had to walk about 30 minutes and it was certainly worthwhile. The weather was not perfect and not the best time of the day to shoot, but the view was astonishing. Up there we could understand the magnitude of that place and nature’s thin equilibrium.

The strong winds quickly became a sand storm and although from the image you could not tell, it was increasingly difficult just to be there. We did the way back to the car with sand blowing at us and getting into everywhere. In the end it was definitely rewarding to be able to see Colorado river and US West territory from that perspective.

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