Play VR App


Today we’re launching the beta of our Samsung GearVR app, Play VR.

It’s an app we’ve developed specifically for VR demos at shows and for clients, while it also has ‘advanced’ features for viewing our own content. (or yours)
We’ve done over 1,000 VR demo’s and have been frustrated at the limitations of the Oculus 360video player, and how slow it is to access content via the Oculus store. (3-4 clicks before you get to the content.)
Play VR has various modes you can set depending on requirements:

1. LOOP MODE: Swipe up and select LOOP MODE. Then select the video to loop.
Now the same video will play endlessly, while the touchpad controls are disabled. Clients will no longer change video/pause or otherwise mess up the demo when putting on the GearVR.
To restart the video any time, just click the ‘back’ button.

2. DEMO MODE: Like Loop mode, it disables controls, but only while the video is playing. When the video finishes the user can select another video.

3. ADVANCED MODE (Default): Here we’ve added amazing tools no one has ever conceived like… Fast Forward, Rewind. (All Patented of course wink emoticon)
Swipe forward to Fast Forward, Swipe back to rewind.
Swipe up to bring up a menu when playing a video. Access chapter points and view description, author etc.

We’ve built this app specifically for our own needs as Professional VR producers, if you find it useful too, all the better.
We don’t have the app on the Oculus Store yet, so we need to add your Phone ID to the Beta app in order for it to work on your phone. This also allows you to launch the app directly from your phone, which is much quicker than going through the Oculus store.
We’ve set up a method for getting your ID to us on our website, and we’ll update the app every day or 2 and let you know it’s ready for you to use.
So have at it, and let us know what you think.