Broken Hill, Town Centre

Broken Hill is a small town on the Edge of the Australian Outback. 1200km (745 miles) west of Sydney & 500km (310 miles) north east of Adelaide, it’s a very, very long way from anywhere.

Broken Hill is also known as the ‘Silver City’ because of the vast amounts of silver extracted from the mines over the past 120 years, and being a mining town, many of it’s road are named after chemicals. In fact the road we’re standing on in the pano above is ‘Chloride St’, with Sulphide, Bromide & Oxide Streets running parallel to the main road.



Elaine Moore says:

I was looking for old photos of Broken Hill,
and came across this, well done, I love to see anything on Broken Hill, as that’s where my heart is, I’m painting a Dust storm in the old days in Broken Hill its looking up Sulphide Street from Argent Street at the Trades Hall.
but I can’t see what is suppose to be there.
Keep up the good work, as the more people who see & visit Broken Hill the better.