Broken Hill, The Old Car

Being a 120yr old mining town you’d expect to see many relics of the old mines, and there are, but not as many as you’d think. The vast mines & above ground operations of yesteryear were often broken down and replaced when new technology came along or when mines were abandoned. There are of course photos of the old operations, but not so many relics.

Behind the original Broken Hill mine (Which is now a tour operation) I found this abandoned old car. It appears someone has tried to drive it in here in a wet period (of which Broken Hill has very few) and got it bogged. They’ve used planks to keep it out of the mud, but the back wheels have slid off, and the car has never moved again. Judging by the age of the car I would have thought this happened a very long time ago, but on the back of the vehicle are plastic water (or chemical) containers leading me to believe this car was not abandoned too long ago.

In fact, just reading over this post I’ve postulated a theory. It was wet (which is rare), there is an old car with water tanks on the back, and a huge black water tank about 20 metres away. Perhaps someone was attempting to fill the portable water tanks from the black water tank which was overflowing in a rare wet period?

If anyone can tell me what sort of car this is, or even when it was abandoned, I’ll update the post to keep everyone informed.