Broken Hill, Miners Memorial

The Miners Memorial sits atop the ‘line of load’ (the big hill of dirt where THE broken hill used to be) along side the Broken Earth Cafe Restaurant. It’s a memorial to the 700+ miners who have died here since the 1800’s when the mines began. The name and cause of death for every fatality is listed in the memorial.

The 2 structures were funded by a ‘Centenery of Federation’ grant, & were completed in 2000. And as mentioned in previous posts, you get a great view of northern Broken Hill from up here.



Chris Landorf says:

The correct attribution for the work should be as follows:
Architect – The University of South Australia
Miner’s Memorial Design – Angus Barron, Steve Kelly and Dario Palumbo (students of Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design)
Miner’s Memorial Documentation – Angus Barron and Chris Landorf
Visitors Centre Design and Documentation – Chris Landorf and David Manfredi
Miner’s Memorial and Visitors Centre Project Architects – Chris Landorf and David Manfredi
Miners Memorial Engineers – Connell Mott MacDonald
Visitors Centre Engineers – TMK Consulting Engineers
Cost Management – Lees Cadman
Builder – De Franchesci & Sons

The project won the Australian Institute of Architects Walter Burley Griffin Award for Urban Design in 2001.

The attribution is complex because only those registered under the State-based architects acts can legally call themselves an architect. Angus, Steve and Dario were students at the time the project was designed and constructed and, therefore, not registered.

Lawrence Curley OAM says:

This would be one of the most moving and best designed memorials I have see in 40 years of world travels. It has and will remain in my soul as a reminder not only to those departed listed, but, also to the children of the mines now, and in the past, who would have suffered such horrid deaths.
One reads the ages on the walls inside this Memorial and feel for the famlies and each day another drama had unfolded.

   The Lord be with their souls, each and every one named
Aaron Spence says:

Good question, seems the students of Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia did it.

Which is VERY cool :)

michael mallon says:

great architecture .Who was the architect ???