Broken Hill, Mining History In Town

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode.

Directly across the road from the visitors centre is a park with some interesting history on display. Firstly back in 1984, the town spent a ton of time (and no doubt money) moving the decommissioned Kintore Headframe from the Central Mine to the park. Before and after photos can be viewed by looking at the information boards in the fullscreen virtual tour. I won’t go into the details here, as you can read it all in the big virtual tour, just zoom in on the boards. There are also other mining artifacts spread around the park.

This park also contains a couple of very large Pro Hart sculptures. For those not in the know, Pro Hart was an Australian artist famous for his depictions of the outback and life in it. He was born, bred, lived and died in Broken Hill. We’ll be visiting his gallery (outside only) soon.