Broken Hill, Past & Future

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As the sun sets on mining in Broken Hill and tourism takes it’s place as the towns life blood, I thought it fitting to show where it all began & where it’s going in this one pano. This is the site of the first mine at Broken Hill, started back in 1885, it’s now a major tourist attraction with Mine Tours. In the background the beautiful town of Broken Hill stretches out in this desolate place and we move on to another town.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit here, I encourage you to take it, you won’t be dissappointed.



Aaron Spence says:

Andrei the ice is well and truly broken thank you. It is a shame more people don’t comment on pano blogs though.

I use a batch process for stitching so clear skies don’t bother me :) A 360Precision ( ) head sees to that, along with a PTGui ( ) template and scripts I’ve had written for photoshop.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go down a mine on this trip though. I was driving from Sydney to Adelaide (about 2000kms) and Broken Hill was a 30hr stopover on the way. I hope to get back there again this year though, and if I do, I’ll definitely get some mine panos.

Thanks, Aaron.

LOL… So I just broked the ice!?
There seems to be an issue I don’t understand about comments. Many people come and watch, yet very little have something to say about the topic. And I don’t think it’s lack of time, because on other blogs I see lots of comments. So I guess that the panoramic subject is something that let’s people so perplex, and they forget about saying something. 😀

About the clear skies, it’s a pain for the stitching process since there are no points for reference. But also is great that you will not have stitching errors in a clear sky! 😉
Regarding Broken Hill, I don’t suppose you have panos from inside the mine? I’m just curious to compare them with my panos from inside the Cacica salt mine…

aaron says:

Thanks Andrei,
Yeah, I timed the whole trip & shoot for the moon to be at the zenith on that shot 😉 I like the lucky breaks we sometimes get. And I agree about the blue skies, as much as it is a beautiful thing to have a clear blue sky in real life, in photos and virtual tours I’d prefer ‘some’ clouds, particularly at sunset!

Oh, and you win the prize for the first ever comment to my blog. Now I just have to work out what that prize is :) BTW I love your blog.

Interesting image! First thing that hit me was how big is the contrast between the desolation of this land full of debris, and dirt, looking so rough… and the uniformity of the sky, looking so clear and blue and kinda boring somehow… but right up in the zenith is… the moon! :)
So I couldn’t help myself when I realised that, and I had to write it down! I was lucky to find an empty form here… ;)))

Best regards!