Hobart, View From The Top

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Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, a gorgeous island state 350 km (220 miles) off the south east coast of Australia. Compared to most Australian States Tasmania is tiny. Sydney to Broken Hill which I did for the previous destination takes about 14hrs to drive, and yet both cities are in the same state (New South Wales – NSW). In the same time I think I could have driven through every major town in Tasmania while circumnavigating the state.

Of course size is relative, Tasmania won’t be so small to Europeans seeing that it’s about twice the size of Holland. Even though it’s a ‘relatively’ small island, there is so much diversity, so much to see, and we’ll be seeing some of it, over the coming months.

Where possible, I like to show an overview of a place on the first day, so here is Hobart from the top of Mt Wellington. In this pano we’re at a height of 1261m (4136ft) and as you can see not far from Hobart City.

If you’re interested in other places in Tasmania we’ll be covering Stanley, Smithon, Burnie, Arthur River, Devonport, Deloraine, Sheffield, Cradle Mountain, Strahan, Queenstown, Ross, Launceston, Bridport, Scottsdate, Bicheno, St Marys, Swansea & Port Arthur over the coming months.



Aaron Spence says:

There certainly is a dramatic difference between Broken Hill & Hobart, and they’re both beautiful in their own way.

I’d go a lot further than ‘the sun is a little bit overexposed’, perhaps something like ‘the sun is blown all to hell’, ’cause that baby ain’t comin’ back, RAW or not 😉

I always shoot RAW, and sometimes multiple expose and blend, but not often if I can help it. (Takes too long :) So while the sun has blown out part of this pano, I’m not too worried about it :) Having said that, I did just go & play with the RAW files in CS3 (beta) and like some of the looks I was getting, although I still can’t get the sun area back, as it’s tooooo far gone. I’ll check it out again in the morning when I do tomorrows post, and maybe upload a new version. (But no promises :)

Thanks, Aaron.

Wow… that’s a much more dramatic view than the one I was commenting before (Broken Hill mine)!
The sky looks great, and the pano gives a real “on top of the world” feeling! :)
The only downside, is that the side with the sun is a little bit overexposed, and the sky details are lost. Maybe a little HDR approach could help. Are you shooting in RAW?