Hobart, Elizabeth St Pier

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Elizabeth is one of the main streets in Hobart. Running from NewTown in the north, as the street travels south, it encompasses the Elizabeth St Mall, Hobart Bus Mall, Elizabeth College and terminates here at the Pier.

Elizabeth Street Pier was first constructed in 1866 to provide steamship accommodation. Between 1931 and 1934, the original pier was demolished and the new pier was built with the addition of a rail connection. The latest redevelopment project, completed in the late ’90s, was to maintain the presence of the existing shed form and maintain maritime usage and full public access around the perimeter, while converting the building to a new use, which included the housing of serviced apartments and restaurants.

Some years ago I shot virtual tours of the serviced apartments (then called Oakford) here on the Pier. I won’t show them here though, as they were done with old technology & not available in FullScreen resolution.