Hobart, Worlds Prettiest Roundabout

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode.

While I’m sure there is a prettier round-a-bout somewhere in the world, this one is ‘pretty’ special. Oh and it’s not really a roundabout. When driving, it looks like one, sounds like one, tastes like one, but it has traffic lights so beware. I almost got into trouble a couple of times going around the ’roundabout’ only to slam on the breaks when I realised I had a red light.

[Update] It was pointed out to me that some might think the fountain is the middle of a tiny roundabout. But in this Virtual Tour everything you can see is in the middle of a big roundabout. Have a look at the map below.

The monument in this place is to the Mayors of Hobart from memory, again I can’t find any info about it. The water surges through the fountains up the pole for a while, then comes bucketing down the centre opening. You can also see the glass panels in the bottom of the dish, which allow you to see…. the water :)



Aaron Spence says:

Good point, I didn’t think about the fact that it’s not obvious we’re inside and below the street level of the roundabout. I glad you picked up on it though.

And the monument certainly looks like a 1960’s flying saucer, complete with portholes on the bottom. (ie the glass windows on the underside of the dish).


Hahaha… I was just looking at the pano, wondering where are the traffic lights you were talking about!? Then, while I was still puzzled, I’ve noticed the google map (after I closed the DevalVR version of the pano), and it hit me! :)
So, it took me a few seconds until I realised the confusion, but it’s all clear now! 😉
Oh, the monument really looks like a landed flying saucer! 😀
Actually, I have something very close in my city, maybe I’ll shoot it in the spring time 😉