Hobart, Macquarie St

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This is Macquarie St, the main thoroughfare through Hobart City. Travelling all the way down the street will see you arrive at the Cenotaph of the War Memorial we looked at last week, while turning down Murray St, will take you to Salamanca Markets and the waterfront where we’ve spent a lot of time at this destination.

St Davids Cathedral sits on opposite street corner. It was built between 1868 and 1936 taking 68yrs to complete the architects original vision. While across the road is the Tasmanian Treasury Building built in 1841, and used as a police station until 1858.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a small look at Hobart, it’s a wonderful city. There is far more to see in and around Hobart, and we’ll be checking out some local places like Port Arther & Russell Falls later. I’ve had a request to look at the Blue Mountains west of Sydney next, so that’s where we’ll start tomorrow. Following the Blue Mountains we’ll be checking out some of my home town… The Gold Coast.