Blue Mountains, Private View

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This amazing spot is down a long narrow ‘goat track’ with no signage or information at the obscured entrance. We’re in Leura across the road from the Toy Museum and only 1 ridge over from Echo Point where we visited a couple of days ago.

This is our last Blue Mountains Virtual Tour for the time being. I didn’t have much shooting time in the mountains as I was attending a Bible College class reunion. I hope to get back to the Blue Mountains again this year to do a whole lot more panos for you :)



It’s ok now. I can see the pictures! :)

Aaron Spence says:

Thanks for the heads up. I’m getting some serious leeching on a dreamscene (vista motion desktop) I’ve got online (4Gb per day) so I did an .htaccess trick to stop it. Worked, then I extended it to my images which was stoopid, cause then feeds and readers can’t see the images. I changed it back, or thought I did, and you’re comment showed me I hadn’t.

Should be fixed now, let me know if you still see the ‘no hot link’ image. You may need to refresh a page to get rid of it.

Wow… this time you’ve got sound! :)
You seem to have a problem there, with the static preview of the panorama. Instead of the picture, I can see a “Image hotlinking not allowed” red message. Also in RSS, the same problem.