Gold Coast, Labrador

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode with audio.

A couple of kilometres north of yesterdays Southport Virtual Tour is Labrador.

Looking across the Broadwater you can see the trees of Wave Break Island, this leads to the Seaway where we were a couple of days ago. (Zoom out on the map below to see the area)

Recent years have seen a flurry of development in Labrador, changing it’s status from a little rundown seaside suburb, into a hip place to live.



Aaron Spence says:

Thanks Jim, I’ll keep tinkering with it, and one day we’ll have a full blown holodeck (Star Trek reference) right here 😉
I just need to figure out how to capture smells, tastes & touches. Outputting them shouldn’t be a problem with .css should it?


Jim Whimpey says:

Man, I am loving these Gold Coast shots! The subtle addition of sound is lovely also.

Keep it up Aaron!