Gold Coast, Surfers Penthouse

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Shot from the Chevron Renaissance, this sub-penthouse virtual tour gives a good view over the Gold Coast. In this virtual tour we can see the Q1 currently the worlds tallest residential building, and some of the vast network of canals on the Gold Coast.

We can see the famous Gold Coast beaches, the ocean, the city lights shining bright that dim heading west out to the suburbs & the mountains. The Gold Coast is wonderful & diverse place, but we’ve only touched on a part of it. When next here we’ll look inland at the hinterland of sub-tropical rainforests & mountains.



Aaron Spence says:

The reason you can’t see the difference between this shot and the others is a stack of work I’ve done to reduce the extreme noise & other problems with the original image :)

It’s funny you mentioned a poster in your opening comment, I had some posters printed from my panoramas for the 1st time last week. 1m (40 inch) x .5m (20 inch) and the quality was amazing, I was blown away. Anyway, as fantastic as this image is, I couldn’t do a poster from it. I hope the Q1 shot is worthy of a poster :)

Thanks, Aaron.

Hahaha… not buying it! It’s too high and I’m afraid of earthquakes 😀 (lame excuse… I live now at 11th floor)

About the gear… I think only you know about this, because on this end, in my browser, at this resolution, I don’t think I can see the difference… 😉

All right, I’m looking forward to see the Q1 panorama. I’ve noticed the builing and it looks impressive. I’ll wave you from here! :))

Aaron Spence says:

Forget the poster why don’t you buy the apartment 😉 It is a gorgeous view, unfortunately it was shot with older gear (D1x 8mm fisheye 4-shot) so the resolution isn’t nearly as good as my current gear.

On a positive note I got permission to shoot from the Q1 just a few minutes ago, so hopefully I can get up there on a night like this one for a poster shot :) The Q1 is the tall pointy building sort of between the 2 towers in the distance.

Wow! OMG, this view is awesome! 😀
I want a poster! 😉