Bicheno, Diamond Island Bridge

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Diamond Island is a tiny nature reserve only 100m (330ft) off the coast. In fact, at low tide there is usually an hour or so to walk over to the island on dry sand. The island was declared a nature reserve in 1977 because of its importance as a large penguin rookery.

We’ll have a closer look at the island tomorrow.



Aaron Spence says:

Thanks Andrew, I’m not much for fishing, so it’s all photography for me. Having said that we were in Bicheno for 5 days, it was overcast for 4 days which left me 1 day to shoot Bicheno, Freycinet NP & Coles Bay. (a very long day) So there was plenty of time for fishing 😉

I’m glad you like the panos, I’m also working on a monster pano/mapping site that you’ll no doubt like too. It’s in the oven now, I’ll post when it’s finished cooking.

BTW I’ve read your blog before, but I can’t recall when/why/how etc. I’ve locked it into google reader now, so blog on I say :)

woowoowoo says:

awesome! Bicheno is one of my favourite spots. In fact, that whole east coast is made for photography (when you’ve finished fishing 😉

I’m equally in awe of your slick panos. I’d love to get into this stuff one day, but it would take a whole lot of effort to get where you are. Maybe I’ll just enjoy yours!