Docklands, Blowhole

Blowhole, by Duncan Stemler, is a 15 metre (50ft) high wind powered sculpture with armature & cups interacting with each other to form patterns colours and shadows. The cups are arranged to pick up the wind in the way of an anemometer on the top of a yacht’s mast. Each cup/arm spins independently in either direction, and rotation speed is entirely dependent on the wind.



Aaron Spence says:

The Docklands certainly is a beautiful area. I was very surprised, yet pleased, that it was almost devoid of people when we were there. (I’m not a crowd lover, particularly when I’m shooting panos) Why no people in such a great place?

Thanks, Aaron.

woowoowoo says:

Cool!, now you’re in my town! Superb pano – it’s a great spot isn’t it?