Noosa Virtual Tours

We should have returned to our normal viewing by now, after the great Googlemapsmania post, but we haven’t. This post isn’t a standard one either. Google have just today released an amazing new addition to their maps, 360 degree virtual tours through major US cities, with a lot more to come. Check it out here.

Today I’ve also released a demo of my own using Google Maps & Virtual Tours. (Shown Above) It’s a small technology demo using very high quality Virtual Tours, that are not shot on roads. You can check it out here. Have a little fun getting to know Noosa and let me know what you think. (But remember it’s only a basic demo, and none of the hotels or restaurants are real)



Aaron Spence says:

G’day Dean,

I’ll try and dig up those files I used for the template calibration for you. To answer your question though, I am very happy with the 360P. It’s not perfect, but it’s very, very good. Most of the time when I have stitching errors it’s a result of tripod movement, which happens a lot more than you’d think.

OK, I just found the original calibration files (they were still on my local copy of the website) so I’m uploading them to the same place now for you to play with. I no longer use this template though, as my D200 went in for repair a while ago and had the sensor replaced…. so new calibration etc.

Let me know how you get on.


Dean says:

Upsss, not 6month ago, 24 month ago,

Dean says:

I found your post on 360P about, -11 degree slot cut into 360P head to give you smaller nadir without shooting down.

The sample jpg are not there any more (post 6 month ago) 10.5_7shots).zip

I found ptgui template file on

Do you still have that example files and your experince 6 month after using template


my test google map website

Cotton says:

You did a good job. Can’t wait to see it finished.

Aaron Spence says:

G’day Thomas, Unfortunately this isn’t done with a standard set of tools. It’s all custom programmed from scratch. At present it’s only a simple demo, so adding VR’s etc is a bit of a slow process manually editing an .xml file that contains all the data for the page.

I haven’t played much with googles new My Maps yet, but I imagine they’ll be combining that function with pano import soon which would be cool. If they don’t get around to it, I hope to be able to do this sort of stuff in an automated way later in the year. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, Aaron.

Thomas says:

That’s interesting Aaron. How much time and which tools are needed to compile a map like this?
Just ordered a Wintec WBT-201 GPS data logger to feed the coordinates to jpg files.