New Panedia People – Rodrick Bond

Rodrick…or Rick as we call him around here, started shooting for us full time a couple of weeks ago. In that time he’s already added hundreds of panos to Panedia. From Fraser Island to The Melbourne Motor Show and the Melbourne Grand Prix, he’s been very busy.

Rick is a talented still and pano photographer whose work can view viewed on his personal site He ‘s a graduate of RMIT (Royal Melboure Institute of Technology) with a bachelor of photography. He also builds some very cool stuff, so he’ll be working on R&D for our photographic processes and helping set up systems to make life easier for future photographers.

Contrary to the photo seen here of Rick on Fraser Island, he’s not a crazy homeless man, although Rick might say otherwise. And finally Rick will be blogging here as well, about things that strike his fancy.



Rick says:

I knew my recycled Groening humor would not escape the astute Mr Whimpey :)

Jim Whimpey says:

I, for one, welcome our new fisheyeman overlords.

Rick says:

I’m thinking a suitable comment for that pic would be “Wake up people! The end is nigh! Coke and pepsi are the SAME THING!”. Perfectly fits the crazy homeless guy description I’d say.