Google Streetview Australia

Today Google launched Streetview in Australia, and it is brilliant.  The coverage is simply mind boggling.  Included is every major city or town in the entire country it seems. 

Of course Streetview only shoots from streets at present, so they miss a lot, like Fraser Island, Uluru, National Parks, beaches, trails, mountains, waterfalls, accommodation, tours, shows etc but the vast coverage is great for getting an idea of a place.

In addition to incorporating Streetview scenes into Panedia, we’ll use it extensively to scope out places for high quality photography in cities and towns we’ve not been to before.

For the Streetview launch, Tourism Australia has chosen 8 virtual tours to showcase Streetview Oz.  We have shot all the same places except Perth. So I’ve created a comparison gallery of the best Streetview images as chosen by Tourism Australia and the shots we took at the same place.

High resolution image comparison gallery:

(I have changed the Streetview choices a little to make them match up better with the spot we shot from, but in every case the Streetview quality is the same.)

Surfers Paradise – Streetviewsurfers-paradise-streetview

Surfers Paradise – Panedia

Canberra – Streetview

Canberra – Panediacanberra-panedia

Alice Springs – Streetview

Alice Springs – Panedia

Sydney – Streetviewsydney-streetview

Sydney – Panedia

Check out all the comparison images in high resolution at our gallery here:



The colors in Panedia are a whole new ball game compared to streetview. Nice work.

Brad says:

The colors in Panedia are a whole new ball game compared to streetview. Nice work.

Gene Ellis says:

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for writing this article. It’s ironic because we developed a technology that many people have described as Google Streetview for the inside and we are currently seeking technology partners in Australia (we are based in Chicago in the USA). I would like to discuss to possibilities of Panedia using it to document their travels as well :). In any case, please contact me when you have a moment.

Gene Ellis

Aaron Spence says:

Thanks Fabie,

I agree with you 100%. Streetview is fantastic for the everyday user, of which I am one. Panedia is being developed for business use, as I don’t see tourism based businesses using low quality imagery to promote their destination & service.

We also have the ability to update destination content at any time in short order, and shoot anywhere inside or out. Both of which are important services for business & government tourism marketing.

Fabie says:

Hi Aaron, very good short and sweet post to illustrate the difference between the 2 products.
I truly believe that streetview is awesome for every day consumer to consumer use but that in a business environment Panedia is much more suited as it conveys a feeling of professionalism. Colours are also a million times better :)

John says:

Just when I thought the game was up!

Stunning comparisons