Alcatraz Virtual Tour

The best Alcatraz virtual tour on the web is right here: Alcatraz Virtual Tour. View the full map version with audio here: Alcatraz Virtual Tour with Audio.

Alcatraz Virtual Tour – Main Cell Block

There are plenty of Alcatraz Virtual Tours on the web, but apart from ours none of them contain high resolution, best quality full spherical, full screen virtual tours with hotspots, mapped on google maps & containing audio recorded live at the time.

Alcatraz Virtual Tour – Officers Club

Alcatraz Virtual Tour – Exercise Yard

Alcatraz Virtual Tour – Control Centre

Alcatraz is an incredible place and it’s well worth spending a few hours to half a day there. At some times in the year they have an early boat over to the island. It arrives well before the crowds. Get that boat & take advantage of the crowd less Alcatraz. Here’s the official cruise company where you can book your Alcatraz tickets online.

When I visited Alcatraz Island to shoot these virtual tours a funny thing happened. At around midday I was back at the dock waiting for the ferry to arrive when off the boat hopped the guys from Mapjack, ready to shoot their own virtual tour of Alcatraz. Here is me on Alcatraz just finished shooting virtual tours, as shot by Mapjack, another virtual tour company.

For more info on Alcatraz go to the official National Parks website here: Alcatraz Island



quikky says:

already been! it’s really scary but interesting. it’s way better than the virtual tour. it has blood on the floor and everything!!!!!!:)

Neon Moose says:

wheres the tour

Carolina says:

Im ready a book called Al-Capone does my shirts with my teacher and class the book is really good . Also this website has so much details on Alcatraz its scary and creepy but still really good history! :-)

ben says:

is there is indian momunment

jennie14 says:

where is the tour? there should be a tour!

tony romo says:

where is the tour

Benton says:

You should get more pictures