Port Arthur Virtual Tours – Tasmania

Quite some time ago I was in Tasmania shooting hundreds of virtual tours.  One morning while staying in Hobart (capital city) I got up at 4am to drive out to Port Arthur (1.5hrs away) to shoot virtual tours at sunrise.

Driving 1.5hrs for a sunrise shoot is always a little risky.  It’s still dark when you leave, so all you have to go on are the weather reports from the night before & what clouds you can see locally in the dark.  Fortunately this morning was beautiful.
The Port Arthur ruins are some of the oldest in Australia and sit on a beautiful waterway.  If it wasn’t for the cruel & severe life convicts endured here… I’m sure it would have been quite lovely.

Port Arthur Ruins at Sunrise

Port Arthur is the most popular attraction in Tasmania, the heritage listed park is wonderfully maintained, with a large and informative visitors centre.

Port Arthur Ruins of the church.

Port Arthur map containing virtual tours.

Port Arthur FullScreen Map Link

Official Port Arthur Website Link



virtual tour says:

It is just awesome. Your virtual tour is absolutely clear and mind blowing. You put the natural beauty of sunrise.