Topsy Turvey Tour

Take a Topsy Turvey Tour courtesy of a glitch in the Google Matrix.

While working on some Google Views content this afternoon I noticed that Google had finally decided Australia was indeed the ‘Land Downunder’ and therefore it should see Google Maps Views upside down.  I first noticed this on our Sydney Opera House Virtual Tours, but upon checking virtual tours we’d produced in New York they were also upside down.  So perhaps it wasn’t Australia that was being flipped… it was any content produced by an Australian 😉

After messing around for a while I figured out how to make the tour flip upside down, and flip back the other way… so proceeded to have some fun… and make myself feel a little queasy at the same time.  I suspect it won’t be around for long so I created a quick video for posterity.

Here’s some of the links from the video above in case you want to try it yourself. (Note: I doubt this will work for very long. Chrome/Windows7)

Google Maps Tour Links:

Sydney Opera House
Brooklyn Bridge – New York
Uluru (Ayers Rock)
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta