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RSL – 314 Balmain

A free-standing luxurious home in East Balmain village with easy access to Sydney CBD.  

Bondor – Bingara

This modern home in Bingara Gorge, south Sydney, is in a peaceful and natural area, yet quite near the main roads between Sydney and Canberra.  

Sydney Opera House on Google Views

Panedia just uploaded a 14 panorama constellation of the Sydney Opera House during the Sydney Vivid Festival. These are some impressive, colorful panos featuring both Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge, the two most iconic buildings in Sydney. Panedia Google Views.

Panedia on Google Views

We have just published our first panoramas on Google Views. This is a great platform to publish our work since it can be easily accessed and viewed worldwide. Our first Panos on Google Views are Moran Falls and Lisbon Rossio Square which are very nice as a start, but we intend to publish much more content on our account for the next upcoming months. Panedia Google Views.

RSL – 314 Tugun

This RSL property is light filled, a spacious home with stunning ocean views that stretch to the horizon.  

The 7 Year Itch

The illustrious blog your eyes now behold began with a bang whimper 7 years ago today.  I started out on my own believing there’s got to be a better way to produce & display panoramic content… today we have a growing team of 7, producing world renowned projects. It has been a hell of a ride. During the past years Michelle and I have put everything on the line repeatedly to build Panedia. We’ve sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into developing the business, at one stage […]

Belise Apartments – Virtual Tour

Late last year we produced virtual tours and stills of a cool demonstration 1 bedroom apartment for a new building going up in Brisbane City.  In post production we had to fill in walls and views where they didn’t exist, the result looks good. Construction has commenced, but there’s still apartments left if you wish to buy off the plan:

Monaco Larvotto Marine Reserve

Larvotto Marine Reserve is a protected area in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of Monaco. Imagery collect from October 2013 by Catlin Seaview Survey in partnership with Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and Prince Albert II Foundation. The tour was also uploaded to Google Streetview, and can be seen here in Google Views.

Monaco Oceanographic Museum

Our specialist underwater partners were in Monaco, shooting virtual tours of the underwater coastline late in 2013.  This shot is outside the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco… appropriately taken in the ocean, showing views of the Museum that 99.9999% of people will never see. This panorama along with a series of others was then made into a virtual tour to show on a Liquid Galaxy system inside the Museum. Typically we use a special rig to shoot these over/under images… but this time Ch […]

Monaco Museum

In October 2013 our Catlin Seaview Survey partners were invited by the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to help them reveal the 2km of coastline that the Mediterranean Sea touches the principality of Monaco. It was our first temperate (cooler) water collect and this image shows just how clear the Sea is which is remarkable considering the traffic in the Med! The tour was also uploaded to Google Streetview, and can be seen here in Google Views.

Bermuda – Turks & Caicos

Still in Bermuda, our Catlin Seaview Survey partners were capturing images of the beautiful and rich diversity of species that live around the coral in this area. Google Views.

Novotel Pacific Bay – Virtual Tour

We stayed at this beautiful Coffs Harbour resort on a trip to Sydney a number of years ago now. As usual I shot a bunch of panoramas there… ’cause that’s what I do.  Looks like we’ll be shooting a lot more there soon.

Mater Prize Home 252

This gorgeous Mater house is quite near the beach at Kingscliff, in the north New South Wales coast. Mater Prize Home

RSL 313 – Mermaid Beach

Another gorgeous RSL property is up for grabs.  We buy tickets ourselves to support the RSL. You can too and have a chance to win this amazing place (or a future one like it).  

RSL 312 – Helensvale

Fantastic luxury waterfront home in the Gold Coast suburb of Helensvale is located inland from Runaway Bay and Biggera Waters, bordering Coombabah Lake. An abundance of amenities and the large number of parks and reserves located in and around the suburb make it a great place to live.  

Bermuda – Mary Celestia Wreck

Our Catlin Seaview Survey partners were in Bermuda leading up to the launch of the Catlin Global Reef Record on September 23rd.  They shot a number of areas for us to produce virtual tours of. Probably the most interesting is the ship wreck of the Mary Celestia. The Mary Celestia was a paddle steamer which sunk in 1864, it was being used to smuggle ammunitions and other supplies to the Confederate forces during the American Civil War. The wreck sits in only 55 feet of water and one of the huge p […]

Mater Prize Home 251

A gorgeous Burleigh Heads virtual tour was easy to achieve in such a stunning location for this Mater draw. Mater Prize Home

Gold Coast University Hospital – Virtual Tour

We recently shot the new $1.7 Billion Dollar Gold Coast University Hospital.  They’re working on a new website which will include the virtual tour so we can’t show much at present. The panorama above is one of the beautiful indoor open areas that populate the enormous facility. It’s a truly stunning place, where the entrance has an 8 storey atrium, complete with finishes and scale that wouldn’t be out of place in a 6 star hotel.  I look forward to showing all the panorama […]

RSL 311 – Penthouse Virtual Tour

Once per year the RSL run a HUGE prize draw in addition to their standard luxury home draws.  If you’re going to win one of their properties this is the one to win.  You don’t just get the Penthouse, you get the entire building. We shot this virtual tour on the Gold Coast.

Catlin Global Reef Record – LAUNCH

Today the largest project we’ve ever produced launched via a Google Hangout with various partners in 2 locations… New York and Bermuda. The Catlin Global Reef Record (CGRR) is so much more than the work we usually do of producing interactive media.  It’s a complete system of content and data acquisition from the underwater cameras of SVII, through many stages of data processing and content stitching to the finished scientific website. Completing the […]

Epson Pano Awards – 2013

Top 20 Winners Video. (13mins w/music) Once again I was asked to judge interactive 360 panoramas (virtual tours) for the Epson International Pano Awards.  As usual I thoroughly enjoyed the process, wishing only for more time to luxuriate in the outstanding work. As with previous years we also produced the top 20 video for show on the Epson stand at the PMA Photo Exhibition. To do this we use tools built way back in 2006, which work with After Effects, allowing us to produce HD and higher rez cle […]

RSL 310 – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

Had you won this RSL prize home draw, you’d be the proud owner of 3 luxury apartments. We did the Melbourne Virtual Tour, Sydney Virtual Tour and Brisbane tour over a couple of days, along with other projects.ney, Brisbane, NSW,

YMCA Gym – Brisbane Virtual Tours

We had the pleasure of working with YMCA Brisbane to produce virtual tours for 3 of their gyms, including the new flagship facility at Bowen Hills. Shooting Gyms can be fun, they certainly inspire you to get into shape… the only downside is they open VERY early. Photography without people usually requires us being onsite around 4am… not so fun, but we do it anyway

Whale Sharks – Underwater Virtual Tour

I was very excited when the team shot WHALE SHARKS for the first time recenlty.  I’ve been asking for something big… I was expecting whales… but instead I got WHALE SHARKS.  We also produced some coral panoramas from Gloves Reef in Belize. But did I mentioned… Whale Sharks

Lady Elliot Island – Manta Ray Virtual Tour

I was with the Catlin Seaview Survey team on Lady Elliot Island recently for a National Geographic documentary series on Australian Coastlines.  They wanted to do a segment on the Catlin Seaview Survey, so we all had to suit up and perform our roles for the cameras. Of course we always take the opportunity to shoot great content when it presents. Enjoy the stunning Manta Rays, sitting like space voyaging battleships above the coral planets. By the way, I highly recommend Lady Elliot Island. It&# […]

Underwater Earth – New Website

We love to help friends out where we can… so when ‘Underwater Earth’ our Catlin Seaview Survey partners needed a simple new website, we came to the party and put a little something together for them. In addition to the slick sideways scrolling site, sitting over our favourite over/under panorama, we put together a short virtual tour with some of the best work we’ve done together to date. In the virtual tour above you’ll see Galapagos SeaLions, Lady Elliot Island, Ma […]

Galapagos Sea Lions

The Galapagos National Park is a mecca for nature lovers with amazing biodiversity to be found both above and below the water. Together with Google, we worked with locally based scientific and conservation groups The Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park Service in the area. Of course our primary area of interest is what lives beneath the water, the Sea Lions being a very playful highlight for all involved. This is one of the best underwater panoramas we’ve ever produce […]

Antilla Wreck – Aruba

Underwater Ship Wrecks are fascinating to view, and often encompass equally fascinating stories. The Antilla was another casualty of World War II, when hostilities broke out between Germany and the Netherlands. Here’s Wikipedia’s take on the events that lead to her 1939 sinking:  On 9 April Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. This increased the fear that the Netherlands would also be invaded, so on 12 April Dutch authorities in Aruba confined Antilla’s crew to their ship. On 10 […]

Southern Great Barrier Reef – Tourism Queensland

We recently had the great pleasure of spending time on the road shooting the wonders of the Queensland Coast from Bundaberg to Yeppoon, 2 island of the Great Barrier Reef – Great Keppel Island and Lady Musgrave Island, and 500km inland.. Canarvon Gorge. All stunning landscapes, all beautiful places, all areas I’d like to return to and spend some leisurely time. Above you’ll find a quick taste of the areas we shot over 7 days.

RSL 307 – Sydney Virtual Tour

Winning this prize presents you with a difficult choice.  Do you take the stunning beach front luxury penthouse apartment on the Gold Coast. Or do you take the luxury house in Sydney.  Either way we had to produce Sydney Virtual Tours and a Gold Coast tour as usual.

Raja Ampat – Indonesia

I spent a couple of weeks in the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia with UWE (Underwater Earth) our Catlin Seaview Survey partners. We were there to appear in an IMAX 3D Underwater documentary about the region… well they were, I was there to make sure everything worked. In addition we took the time to survey some of the astounding coral in the region and visit with the local owners and care takers of the reef.  It was an amazing trip, check it out above. Imax behind the scenes from Krabi Imagi […]

RSL 305 – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

Another triple play for RSL Prize Homes… win this one, and you get 3 apartments.  As usual we needed to do a Brisbane Virtual Tour, Sunshine Coast Virtual Tour and a tour just down the road from our offices on the Gold Coast.

O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat

I’ve had the privilege of staying at and photographing the wonderful facilities and region of O’Reillys Rainforst Retreat a number of times now.  This is my 3rd shoot with them over the past couple of years, this time to cover some of their new facilities. The family has accompanied me on most of the trips, and truly loved every minute. At least a couple of times per year the kids ask if I can do some more work there so we can stay again

Plantation Homes – Mirage

We shot this beautiful Plantation Home for a Mater Charity recently.  Proceeds from the auction go to helping sick children at the Mater Chrildrens Hospital. This tour includes hotspots and a floorplan in the Desktop (flash) version.

Perth Virtual Tour

I was in Perth recently shooting virtual tours of hotels for the Ascott Group.  Of course when I wasn’t shooting inside, I was out shooting Perth Virtual Tours. Around the city and out to Fremantle.  It was a quick but enjoyable trip, I hope to get back sometime in the not too distant future.

DJP – First Gallery Showing

Darren Paine one of my oldest friends, a good buddy from primary school, recently had his first photographic gallery showing. He’s a wedding and portrait photographer, so he showcased his portraits. The showing coincided with the year of his 40th birthday… so he managed to tick an item off his bucket list… gallery showing by 40. Of course I had to shoot an Art Gallery Virtual Tour to immortalise the event. Well done old mate.

RSL 303 – Biggera Waters

RSL Prize Homes are always beautiful, and well they should be at over $1.5 million each. But this one… it’s location, layout… it was something special. Only 10 minutes drive from our current home… on the water front… stunning design. We were hooked.

RSL 299 – Sydney Virtual Tour

Once again RSL are offering the choice of two outstanding luxury places if you win the draw. This time the options are a beautiful place in Balmain, Sydney.  The home is about 100m from the ferry terminal which goes directly across the water to Sydney City… convenient to say the least. The other is a big luxury apartment high up in one of the tallest apartment buildings in the world… the Q1 on the Gold Coast. Once again a difficult choice… which would you choose? www.rslartunio […]

Southside Community Sports Club

We spent many hours shooting into the night at the Sports Club, the Bowls Club & a Function Room they have. When we ran out of places to shoot we needed to wait until all the punters on the pokies cleared out at 11.30pm, so we could shoot the gaming room.

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