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Alcatraz Virtual Tour

The best Alcatraz virtual tour on the web is right here: Alcatraz Virtual Tour. View the full map version with audio here: Alcatraz Virtual Tour with Audio. Alcatraz Virtual Tour – Main Cell Block There are plenty of Alcatraz Virtual Tours on the web, but apart from ours none of them contain high resolution, best quality full spherical, full screen virtual tours with hotspots, mapped on google maps & containing audio recorded live at the time. Alcatraz Virtual Tour – Officers Club Alcatraz V […]

Adelaide Virtual Tour

With over 500 virtual tours of Adelaide you’ll find plenty to see on our virtual tour site. Adelaide is a beautiful city full of old buildings & churches (by Australian standards). The City area is completely surrounded by massive parks, some of which contain sports fields & botanical gardens. Here you can view over 60 Adelaide Botanical Gardens Virtual Tours. Victoria Square – Adelaide Virtual Tour Glass Footbridge – Adelaide Virtual Tour Black swan & paddle boats on The River Torre […]

Mt Kosciusko Virtual Tours

Back in October 2008 I had the opportunity to shoot virtual tours from the top of Australia’s Tallest mountain, Mt Kosciusko.  I put together a separate map of the 46 Mt Kosciusko Walking Track Virtual Tours.  This area is also known as the Snowy Mountains and the Australia Alps.  It’s located in Kosciusko National Park. Of course Australia being the flattest continent on Earth, our mountains are more rolling hills than ‘mountains’.  This is borne out by the fact there’s a nice wide walking trac […]

350+ London Virtual Tours

After 2 weeks in Japan Rick landed in the UK ready to start shooting London virtual tours. He spent his time shooting mainly in the Central London areas, covering plenty of the major sites such as: Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour: Trafalgar Square Virtual Tour: London Eye, from Jubilee Gardens, Virtual Tour: Horse Guards Virtual Tour: Piccadilly Circus Virtual Tour: There are also plenty of multi monitor wallpapers from Central London on our Desktop Wallpaper site. [members]

Japanese Virtual Tours

Our intrepid pano photographer Rick headed overseas late last year. His destination, London UK, with a couple of weeks in Japan on the way. Rick experienced 2 sides of Japan in his 2 weeks, the City – Tokyo, and the Country – Hokkaido. Plenty of stunning photography was produced in the short time Rick had available. Here are a few examples: Shibuya Station, Tokyo Tomakomai Shrine, Mount Tarumai

‘Best Of’ Melbourne part 1

As a former Melbournite, it was a pleasure to be able to photograph the city I grew up in and show it off with a thousand or so panoramas! Looking back now, I thought I’d stop and compile a list of the best stuff, and what I think sums up the character of the city. So, if you’ve never been, here’s what you’re missing! Melbourne is a beautiful city, and has a justified reputation for being one of the world’s most liveable too. Whatever your cup of tea is, be it food […]

3000+ Virtual Tours

We hit a big milestone yesterday, 3000 virtual tours. We should have hit it a few months ago, when I finished the panos I shot in the Northern Territory, but I haven’t finished them yet. Instead I was at on the weekend and shot another 75 panos there, taking our total to just over 3000. So much has been going on over the last couple of months that I can’t begin to explain it all, suffice to say, many new announcements & sites will be forthcoming over the ne […]

Surfer Girl, Noosa

This is an oldy, but a goody. I was shooting on Noosa beach late one afternoon when I notice 2 girls surfing which is not common. Girls surfing is, but 2 girls surfing alone isn’t. I’m shooting panos with a fisheye lens so there is no use taking pics of them, and I would ask permission first in that situation (which is of course impossible). So I continue shooting around the area and then down by the rock wall, when they decide they’ve finished surfing and it’s time to he […]

Parliament House, NT

The Northern Territory (NT) in Australia is an incredible place. It is so very sparsely populated that the capital city, Darwin, has only 110,000 residents, while the entire state contains 215,000 people, or around 1% of the Australian population. Considering this I was surprised to find such a large and unique looking building for the State Parliament house, or to be precise ‘Legislative Assembly’. I was also surprised to learn this beautiful building was already 13yrs old. Standing […]

Cradle Mountain Boat Shed

Cradle Mountain National Park is a very popular and beautiful spot in Tasmania. On my last shooting trip to Tasmania I managed 2 trips here. On the first one it was snowing after a cold snap in the middle of summer, this shot is from the 2nd visit about 10 days later when the snow had all melted.

Uluru Southern Face

It’s New Years day, and time to give my blog some well deserved attention….how many other bloggers have decided this today I wonder? My guess is 1 million. The link posted here is to my favourite pano of the moment. It’s of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and was my submission for the ‘Best Of 2007′ on the World Wide Panorama

Gold Coast Indy 2007

Anyone for Champ Car or V8 Supercar racing? The Gold Coast Indy 2007 is running right now, I spent some time on the track yesterday shooting virtual tours. I didn’t have media accreditation so no special behind the scenes shots unfortunately.

Stanley, Lighthouse

This lighthouse, built in 1924, was originally active at Highfield Point, but was replaced by a post light and relocated here to the Stanley waterfront as a memorial to local sailors.

Stanley, Chair Lift

There are two ways to get to the top of the nut. One is to walk, the other is to catch the chair lift. I was going to walk, but the thought of lugging my gear up there didn’t appeal too much. I’m glad I didn’t ’cause once you are on the nut, the track around the top of it is another 30 minute walk.

Stanley, Wharf

In 1892 workers building a breakwater here set 5000 pounds of dynamite into the mountain above. After the huge explosion no rocks fell. Then 12yrs later fractures caused by the blast finally gave way and 200,000 tons of rock suddenly crashed to the ground.

Stanley, Godfreys Beach

Here on Godfreys Beach – Stanley, we have a great view of the Nut. Yesterdays Virtual Tour was on the far right edge of the Nut, directly overlooking the town.

Quest Launceston – Apartments

Discover the excitement of Northern Tasmania while staying at Quest Launceston, a magnificently restored heritage building superbly located in the heart of the city and next door to the restaurant precinct, city mall and tourist information centre, and only minutes to the renowned Cataract Gorge, Boags Brewery & River Cruise Terminal.

Stanley, Tasmania

Stanley in the far North West of Tasmania, is a gorgeous little town with a monolithic rock known as ‘The Nut’ towering over it. We’ll be seeing a lot of the Nut over the next week or 2, but in this Virtual Tour we are on the top of it. 134m (440ft) above the town, on top of the Nut, we can see almost every single building that comprises Stanley, what an incredible view.

Docklands, Art Journey

In our final Docklands virtual tour we again feature urban art. This piece is called Silence, by Adrian Mauriks, if you want to know more, you’ll need to visit the Art Journey on the docklands website. The Docklands is a beautiful place, and very undercrowded which is nice. With trams running every few minutes it’s very easy to get from the Docklands to Melbourne City in no time.

Docklands, New Quay

In this virtual tour we’re just outside Limonetto a gelati & icecream shop of the coolest design (no pun intended).

Docklands, Cow Up A Tree

Back at ‘Cow Up A Tree’. The inspiration for this work comes from the Australian Landscape and a strong water-based theme. The artist saw images of a violent flood which swept cattle into trees only to leave them stranded once the flood subsided. Read More Here. This was to be our last Docklands Virtual Tour for now, but I think I’ll continue north and provide a few more panos of the ‘New Quay’ area.

Docklands, Victoria Harbour

Standing on the edge of Victoria Harbour, we’re almost surrounded by Shoal, urban art by Cat McCleod & Michael Bellemo. The inspiration for this work is a flying shoal of fish, fishnets, fish scales, fishing lures and rippling water.

Docklands, Aurora Urban Art

The Docklands is packed with heaps of great urban or public art. Unlike any other place I’ve covered so far, they’ve actually made a webpage to provide details of the art. Bravo. So in this virtual tour we’re looking at the Aurora, by Geoff Bartlett. It’s a huge, impressive piece which takes the form of an inverted cargo net, which is symbolic to the history of the Docklands as a place of transit for goods & people.

Docklands, Bourke St

Here at the intersection of Bourke St & Harbour Esplanade we can see all the way back into the city, as well as some more Urban Art. We have the Continuum, by Michael Snape on one side of the road, and the Aurora, by Geoff Bartlett on the other. You can check out all the Docklands Urban Art here. Melbourne Docklands Reviews, Links, Websites – Click Here

Docklands, Parks

This hill is about the highest point in the Docklands (excluding any buildings of course) so it affords a good view over the southern areas. As you can see there is a lot of green down here, lots of parks and play areas, and even BBQ facilities, which people were using this evening while the rest of the park was very sparsely populated.

Docklands, View Of Melbourne

Just a short distance from yesterdays Docklands Virtual Tour, we walk up a steep grassy knoll to discover a fantastic view from Melbourne City, through the Docklands Yarra’s Edge & Marina and out to the West Gate Bridge.

Docklands, Yarra’s Edge

Yarra’s Edge is a series of apartments & shops of the edge of the Yarra River, incorporating a 200 berth marina. Melbourne’s South Bank is only a short walk along the riverside boardwalk away.

Docklands, Webb Bridge II

The Webb Bridge was the result of an art competition seeking to transform a disused cargo link into an integrated artwork that also functioned as a pedestrian bridge. The sculptural form is an analogy to Koori fishing traps, drums, baskets & the gestural flow of the Yarra River below.

Docklands, Webb Bridge

From here on the Webb Bridge, we have a great view over the Yarra River, the Yarra’s Edge apartments & Marina. While on the other side of the bridge we can see Melbourne City. Tomorrow we’ll head further down into the sculptured end of the bridge.

Docklands, Blowhole

Blowhole, by Duncan Stemler, is a 15 metre (50ft) high wind powered sculpture with armature & cups interacting with each other to form patterns colours and shadows. The cups are arranged to pick up the wind in the way of an anemometer on the top of a yacht’s mast. Each cup/arm spins independently in either direction, and rotation speed is entirely dependent on the wind.

Melbourne, Docklands

After a short break we’re back. With Adelaide behind us we move on to the Melbourne Docklands district. This area starts on the western edge of Melbourne’s CBD. Just for something different, we’re going to do a short walk around the docklands over the next week or 2. We’ll start and finish here at the ‘Cow Up A Tree’. The Walk took about 2.5hrs but if you weren’t shooting Virtual Tours you would do it in less than an hour. This Virtual Tour sees us betwe […]

Adelaide, Black Swan

To see the black swan, LOOK DOWN when you are over the water The black swan is an Australian native bird found in the wetlands of southern Australia.

Adelaide, War Memorial

Unveiled on ANZAC day 1931, this memorial to those lost in the Great War (WWI) was wrought with much sorrow at the time. The imagery is powerful. On the North Terrace face, the Spirit of Duty calls young men and women in a prologue to war and sacrifice. On the other side, the passive epilogue sees the Spirit of womanhood with sad regrets bearing her sacrificed sons and lovers.

Adelaide, SA Museum

In 1834 the concept of a South Australian Museum was formulated in London. 20 yrs later South Australia was proclaimed a province leading to it’s own constitution & among other things an act to provide a museum. The 1st building of the museum was officially opened in January 1861.

Adelaide, Rundle Mall Sculpture

These stainless steel balls by Bert Flugelman were installed here in the Rundle mall in 1977. The balls are each 2.15m (7ft) in diameter and are known locally as the ‘Malls Balls’.

Adelaide, Glass Footbridge

The footbridge links the city’s historic railway station, a listed monument, to a newly-constructed Drama Theatre complex at Adelaide’s Festival Theatre. The Adelaide Festival Bridge is part of a dynamic urban streetscape project completed in 2004 to revitalize the Festival Center and promenade precinct. The bridge links two buildings that are very different architecturally, yet succeeds in retaining the identity of each of these buildings while also creating its own, by using laminated glass in […]

Adelaide, Public Art

In this part of Adelaide, near the Festival Centre, is a lot of arty stuff. Even the satellite view in google maps below looks arty with all the shapes & patterns. I don’t know the name of this one or what it’s about, but if you do…leave a comment below please

Adelaide, River Torrens

The River Torrens flows through Adelaide separating the City from North Adelaide. In this virtual tour we’re in Elder Park & the Riverside Precinct, where major events like ‘Tasting Australia‘ & the Christamas Carols are held each year, as well as other public events. For some interesting history of the river since european settlement check out the wikipedia entry. The paper boats floating on the river are a public art installation called ‘Talking Our Way Home&# […]

Adelaide, Solar Trees

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia with over 1.1 million inhabitants & the 5th largest city of Australia. Over the next 2 weeks we’ll be looking at just a tiny amount of the city. The northern part of the CBD (Central Business District) or ‘City’ to be precise. In this Adelaide Virtual Tour we see the Solar Trees project. (Don’t forget to look up) The audio is recorded live from the site & is a little hard to understand, so you can read a fact sheet h […]

AGMF – Chill Out Tent

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode. Opens In New Window + Audio FullScreen Virtual Tour [2.2MB] In our final AGMF virtual tour we see the chill out tent. When you’ve seen all the concerts, done the rides, made a fool of yourself at the colosseum and just can’t take much more, maybe it’s time to chill out here for a bit. See Full Size Google Map with all AGMF Virtual Tours – Click Here.INSERT_MAP AGMF & Band, Links, Websites – Click Here

AGMF – Red Frogs Colosseum

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode. Opens In New Window + Audio FullScreen Virtual Tour [2.5MB] Here’s where the crowd interactive stuff is done. Whether it’s dancing or rapping or sumo wrestling or doing something stoopid, this is where it happens with an audience. This year the stadium is being expanded to seat 1500 people. See Full Size Google Map with all AGMF Virtual Tours – Click Here.INSERT_MAP AGMF & Band, Links, Websites – Click Here

AGMF – Central

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode. Opens In New Window + Audio FullScreen Virtual Tour [2.2MB] This is the center of the festival. In this virtual tour we can see a few of the many tent stages & the foodcourt behind the trees. Since this is a ‘spiritual’ event, I’ve used my ‘ghosting’ lens to bring out the spirits See Full Size Google Map with all AGMF Virtual Tours – Click Here.INSERT_MAP AGMF & Band, Links, Websites – C […]

AGMF – MainStage

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode. Opens In New Window + Audio FullScreen Virtual Tour [2.2MB] MainStage at the Australian Gospel Music Festival, where it all happens. As many as 10,000 people cram into this natural amphitheater each night of AGMF for the ‘big’ acts. Playing at the moment is Robin Mark of the Irish group ‘Revival in Belfast‘ Later the Newsboys a local (Aussie) band that are one of the largest acts in Christian rock worldwide perform […]

AGMF – Sideshow Alley

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode. Opens In New Window + Audio FullScreen Virtual Tour [2.0MB] Sideshow Alley, care for a ride anyone? See Full Size Google Map with all AGMF Virtual Tours – Click Here.INSERT_MAP AGMF & Band, Links, Websites – Click Here

AGMF – Sons Of Korah

See this Virtual Tour in FullScreen High Definition mode. Opens In New Window + Audio FullScreen Virtual Tour [2.5MB] We interrupt our regular viewing to show you an event rather than a place. AGMF – the Australian Gospel Music Festival is an annual event, running in Toowoomba each Easter. It begins in about 2 weeks which is why we’ve taken this opportunity to show a few virtual tours from last year. The Sons of Korah are playing in this virtual tour. Check out the High Definition ve […]

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